Thoughts on the Creative Process

As I continue to explore my characters and their fictional world through words and images, it is my hope that readers who have enjoyed the book will gain deeper insight into the story through the illustrations. I’ve always believed in the power of images to inspire, captivate, and enchant — my favorite books as a child were always the ones that included pictures, the more detailed and fantastic, the better.

Ideally, I prefer total immersion in the creative process – words, music, and pictures working in harmony to create a truly all-encompassing experience. This is the way I work – consciously seeking to lose myself in the fictional realm by creating not merely an intellectually stimulating atmosphere, but a visual and emotional one as well.

This allows me to connect on a visceral level with the world I am seeking to create, and to empathize with and understand my characters in a way that allows me to explore the nuances, flaws, and contradictions in their natures. I am personally drawn to complex characters whose personality quirks and occasional bad behavior are the engines that propel the story forward – the traits that bring inner conflict, shame, and self-doubt upon the character’s psyche inevitably determine each character’s destiny, whether for good or ill.

I plan to update the Flamebearer Illustrations here and elsewhere on the web as scenes, portraits, and other images emerge, and as my skill as a 3-D Artist evolves and improves. At present, I am using Daz Studio 3, even though a newer version of the program is available. I have grown comfortable with version 3, and all of my scenes and characters to date have been created using this version of the program. It is partially for that reason that I am reluctant to switch to the more advanced Daz Studio 4.5. Also, my current hardware – including processor speed, hard drive capacity, memory, and graphics card are working at their maximum performance levels; in order to upgrade my software, I will also need to upgrade my entire system – an aspiration which remains, unfortunately, unachievable unless and until I am somehow able to generate huge sums of cash from my creative work.