Amazing Grace Recording

This morning I received the following email from my step-daughter, Annie. The last time we were in town for our family reunion I had a chance to meet her girlfriend, Rebecca. She is such a sweet girl and so incredibly young to be burdened with such catastrophic health problems. I honestly do not know how they managed to sing this all the way through without breaking down. I’ve listened to it twice so far and each time, I end up sobbing like a baby – both over the sheer beauty of the harmonies and because of the emotional impact of the lyrics, given the circumstances.


So my friend Ryan, Ashlynn, and I recorded this today for our friend Rebecca who has colon cancer, you met her…IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!! Ashlynn is only at the end, mostly it’s Ryan and I. It’s a surprise for Rebecca so please don’t say anything on Facebook just yet. I almost cried when I heard it I love it so much!!!


Amazing Grace Recording

The arrangement is just lovely. In fact, the addition of the bridge really heightens the emotion of an already deeply moving and spiritual song. Naturally, as I listened, I couldn’t help singing along.

Then an idea came to me: What if we collectively formed a Facebook Group and uploaded the track to Facebook and YouTube and any other platforms devoted to promoting music, inviting singers and musicians from all over the world to collaborate by adding their unique voices to the original recording.

Imagine it growing into a worldwide phenomenon! Several years ago, a musician from New Orleans I think, had the idea of creating a giant International montage of various musicians presenting their personal interpretations of the classic ballad, Stand by Me. Instead of doing it exclusively online, he actually traveled to different cities and filmed an eclectic assortment of artists, both professional and amateur, performing their renditions of the timeless masterpiece.  He turned the entire project into a documentary as it was happening. Then, upon returning home, he assembled his footage into one long amazing music video.

I think this particular song has the potential to reach a far greater audience. Everybody knows it, we’ve heard it sung in churches and at funerals and countless rehab centers and AA meetings all over the world for as far back as any of us can remember.

If we can get a few friends together who would be willing to contribute a couple of dollars apiece toward “boosting” the original Facebook post to reach the widest possible audience, this thing could easily go viral. The goal would not be monetary, or to launch anyone’s career in the entertainment industry. It would simply be to spread as much Love, Joy, Healing, and Peace as possible to as many people as possible while we still have a habitable planet.

Peter Glass, bless him, will probably be the first to inform me in painstaking detail why such an idea can’t work, or it’s already been done, or the investment in time and money required to edit and compile hundreds of video and audio clips would be a far more complicated project that I am imagining it to be. Over the years, I’ve come to expect such in-depth analysis from my dear, Virgo Rising ex-husband. And he may very well offer a critique that ultimately causes me to reconsider.
I will be the first to admit my proclivity for manic, middle-of-the-night flashes of insight which seem absolutely brilliant to me at the time. Then, when looked at in the sober light of day, I begin to realize I don’t actually have the sustained motivation or the resources to promote such a huge undertaking. And, so it becomes just another unlived fantasy from a Jupiter-inflamed Sagittarian with an over-active imagination.

Listen to the recording. If you like my idea, share liberally with your extended contacts.

As always, comments and suggestons are welcome.